Thursday, December 13, 2012

L.O.G. Information

Love oGod (L.O.G.)
a student-led retreat
at Lawrence Road Presbyterian Church

L.O.G. #4

November 15-17, 2013

Emma Fletcher, Devon Hittelman, & Molly Trevor

What is L.O.G.?

L.O.G. (which stands for Love oGod) is a weekend retreat for youth, in which you are encouraged to think seriously about yourself and your relationships with God and others.

It is an experience in intentional Christian community and love
and a chance to learn about and reflect on the basics of the Christian faith.

It is a very full weekend—full of talking & listening—singing & laughing—sharing & praying.

L.O.G. is a very special weekend—that can last a lifetime.

L.O.G. #2 & 3 were held at Lawrence Road Presbyterian Church in Lawrenceville, NJ.

Why attend L.O.G.?

L.O.G. is for you if you are interested in a weekend retreat full of fellowship and fun
where God’s love is not just spoken—but made real.

L.O.G. is for you if you would like an opportunity for honest sharing with
people your own age about the most important things in life.

L.O.G. is for you if you are searching for—or open to—a way of knowing and feeling God’s love and supportive presence in your life.

Who are the leaders of L.O.G.?

Each L.O.G. weekend is planned by a team of students and adult advisors.
 During the weekend, most of the sharing and leading is done by teenagers.
Student Co-Leaders for L.O.G. #4 was announced in May!

While L.O.G. is a student led retreat, adult advisors from several churches are involved in both the planning process for the retreat and with the weekend itself.  At L.O.G. #4, there will be adult advisors supervising the weekend and providing spiritual direction.

L.O.G. is sponsored by Lawrence Road Presbyterian Church 
and it is an inter-denominational Christian retreat.

The Youth Minister at LRPC is Rev. Katie Mulligan.

How do I get involved with L.O.G.?

Fill out the registration form and return it to Katie Mulligan or the church office. 
The cost of the event is $60.00 per person (scholarships are available).

For More Information:

Katie Mulligan at Lawrence Road Presbyterian Church: (805) 448-9641,
1039 Lawrence Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648  (609) 882-7909

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